1. Wow! What an inspiring video. Congratulations on ten years and saving 330
    women per day though GO Red for Women! Thanks for including me in the video

  2. Great video! I had a heart attack last year at 31. I blog about it at
    heartattackat31.blogspot.com. Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2013.
    šŸ™‚ <3

  3. Great video! I had an episode of congestive heart failure in January, 2000.
    I spent nine days in the hospital with it, then had a heart attack three
    days after I;d been discharged. I returned to the hospital and had coronary
    bypass surgery. I made some major lifestyle changes-lost 135 lbs., eat much
    healthier and exercise regularly. And I feel great! Will definitely Go Red
    for Women! And thank you Debbie Stabenow-I live in your district!

  4. I am 58, in great shape physically, strong heart, no clogged arteries and I
    had a heart attack. My aortic valve had been wrong at birth. One month ago
    it was found following a heart attack. I have a strong heart and no
    blockage in my arteries. I did have a murmer that was considered innocent.
    It was not. With imageries the valve showed up as critical. The surgeon was
    astounded when he found it was only trickling blood and had been for years.
    Test murmers. Please.

  5. I had the privilege of being at the first Go Red Luncheon in Dallas and
    then helped launch the Seattle luncheon. It’s an honor to be involved in
    the most important movement in Women’s health today. Remember, if you
    experience symptoms, care begins with a call. Happy 10th Anniversary Go

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