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Best Of JustKiddingNews 2016

Best Of JustKiddingNews 2016

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Here are the original videos:
1 Mcdonald's Is 'Getting Rid' Of The Dollar Menu ft. Blogilates & David So
2 Instagram Tracking App That Steals Passwords! Ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto
3 See What Happened When This Newlywed Wife Didn't Leave A Tip Ft. Anthony Lee & David So
4 Company is Selling Fake Hymens ft. David So
5 Walmart Customer Hurled Into The Air After 'Cutting' Line Ft. Furious Pete & David So
6 German Carpenter Invents On-Off Switch For Your Dick ft. David So & Chris Dinh
7 Teen May Have Just Solved The Texting & Driving Problem! ft. David So
8 Boyfriend Stabs Girlfriend 80 Times After She Tried To Dump Him ft. D-Trix & David So
9 6 Year Old Is Shut Down In The Best Way by His Father ft. Anthony Lee
10 Perverted Dude Molests Man Right In Front Of Wife ft. David So
11 Scientists Invent A Condom Made of Grass! ft. David So
12 $72 Million Cancer Death Case Linked To Baby Powder ft. David So
13 A Girl Bleeds From Her Eyes And Ears, & No One Knows Why! ft. David So
14 Sriracha Packets Are Now A Thing That Exists! ft. David So
15 Amazon Sent An Extreme Sex Toy ft. TimothyDeLaGhetto & David So
16 France Outlaws Wasting Food! ft. Lawrence Kao & David So
17 Who Are The Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers Ft. David So
18 News Team Fired For 'Playing' Cards Against Humanity At Work ft. David So
19 Prank Caller Convinces Burger King Employees To Smash Their Windows Ft. David So
20 4 Ways To Tell If Your Friends Are Toxic ft. King Bach & David So
21 Woman Sexually Abused Passenger on Airplane ft. David So
22 Parents Tell Stories About Discovering Their Sexually Active Kids ft. David So
23 (Joe Kicks Wall) Rich Kid Kills Wealthy Dad To Get Money ft. David So
24 The Woman Who Became Pregnant From Anal Sex Ft. David So
25 Couple Creates Hilarious Photos Of Being Infertile ft. David So
26 You Can Stay In Vincent Van Gogh's Famous Room! Ft. Lawrence Kao & David So
27 Islamic Girl Misnamed as Isis In Her High School Yearbook ft. Anthony Lee & David So
28 A Woman And Christian Boyfriend Is Accused of Murdering Her Mother
29 Chinese Bank Spanks Employees For Poor Performance ft. David So
30 Teenagers Are Fighting The Air! ft. Shannon Boodram & David So
31 Man Sues Strip Club After He Spends $10k In 5 Hours ft. David So
32 The Only Witness In An Insane Murder Case Was A Talking Bird ft. David So
33 Woman Woke Boyfriend With Blowjob & It Went Horribly Wrong ft. Furious Pete & David So
34 Woman Survives 38 HOURS In The Ocean After Falling Off Cruise!
35 Time Goes By Quicker As We Get Older!
36 Guy Catfishes Girl With Nudes! ft. David So
37 11 Habits Of Likeable People
38 Borrowing 5 Dollars Can Explain Consent
39 4 Year Old And Elderly Widower Become Friends!!! ft. Steve Greene & David So
40 Guy Tweets Viral Story About Getting McDonald's Shake at 1AM ft. David So
41 8 Relationship Problems You Just Can't Fix ft. David So
42 Scientists Have Discovered An Antibody That Neutralizes HIV ft. David So

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