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California Cops Lose It Over a Drone

California Cops Lose It Over a Drone

One SHARK "Angel" drone causes the California Highway Patrol and the Fresno County Sheriff's Department to totally lose their cool for two straight days.

Why? The drone was watching California's largest feedlot. Does the Harris Feeding Company have something to hide?

You can see SHARK's second video on this encounter here:

Meat Producer Caught Lying to CA Highway Patrol & Fresno Sheriff

Please help SHARK with future investigations, donate:

To those who claim that the title of this video is click bait, we completely disagree.

When we say "cops lose it," some people may think we mean merely their temper, but the cops lost so much more with their nonsense - credibility, dignity, honor, reputation, public trust, respect, professionalism - things that are so much more important than a mere temper tantrum.

Some folks have taken issue when Mr. Hindi's statement that the cops claimed it was private property. The cops claimed lots of things - that it was private property, public property, and that they didn't know whose property it was, even though our camera caught the person from Harris telling the cops it is public property.

Cop statement at 1:59:
"…private property, which isn’t necessarily true, but you are on state property right here is the waterway, and no one is allowed on this property, I’m going to ask you to leave." (which we did not do, and did not need to do)

3:38 When asked why she is taking photos, the laughably overdressed police officer states: “Well it’s to identify you guys that you’re trespassing."
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