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Donkey Hill – Service Dog Project powered by EXPLORE.org

Donkey Hill - Service Dog Project powered by EXPLORE.org

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Watch The Donkey Hill - Service Dog Project Cam - LIVE

Meet the rescued farm animals of Donkey Hill, located at the Service Dog Project farm in Ipswich, Massachusetts, where Great Dane assistance dogs are raised. On this cam you will spot Maude and her baby Pockets, both American mammoth donkeys, and Daisy, a mammoth donkey who is considered small for her breed. Mae, a standard grey mini donkey, will also be viewable on Donkey Hill. A rescued mini horse and her baby, "Puppy," will both frequent Donkey Hill until Puppy is weaned, at which time her mom will go to her new home and Puppy will remain at the Service Dog Project.

This camera will show the inside of the stall and pivot to show about 80% of the animals' pasture. There is a gate in the stall which can swing to divide the inside stall so the mini horse and her tiny baby can live in one end and have their own outside area. There is a hay feeder which they share on Donkey Hill, and they have water both outside the stall as well as buckets inside.

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