Heart Disease

Dr. Esselstyn Cured My Heart Disease

Peter Lewis tells how his life was saved and heart disease reversed by changing to a plant-based diet. Full talk available at

Dr. Esselstyn Cured My Heart Disease

Peter Lewis tells how his life was saved and heart disease reversed by changing to a plant-based diet. Full talk available at http://store.vegsource.com


  1. Vegetarian diet works, i am a lacto ovo vegetarian and this diet is the
    best diet ever and if you do this today you can keep the hospitle away. The
    way this man describe that diet is all true. If we all follow this diet we
    can tear down a hospitle wing and that will be making progress. And for
    further progress get rid of the pharmacy on top of that also.

  2. Tony, with all due respect, you have to eliminate ALL animal products,
    especially dairy products and get your total fat intake down to 10% of
    calories or less to get the results men like Dr. Esselstyn speak of. Any
    vegetarian diet including milk, cheese, eggs, etc. does very little to
    benefit health, unfortunately. As well, with these diets, fat intake can
    very easily, and most often does, exceed even the 30% fat level
    irresponsibly recommended by mainstream agencies. VEGAN is the way to go.

  3. any chance people could just eat a diet without become a this or a that?
    why do you to ego out a damn menu?!! dont you see how that undercuts your
    credibility? I want to be a ME and eat right, keep you ovodickhead whatever
    out of it ok. and go fight a real battle..

  4. The gentleman from Wales had placque rupture that caused his acute
    symptoms. He did not describe his medical care in detail, but in Europe he
    would not have been discharged after one day. He would have been treated
    with blood thinners and offered an angiogram. This is in keeping with
    standard of practice throughout the World. The fact that he could not even
    walk the length of the parking lot or complete more than 4 minutes on a
    treadmill indicated that he was in great jeopardy.

    I don’t believe anyone physician would recommend acute dietary intervention
    as the sole treatment of his condition and it is not recommended by the
    European or North American cardiology societies. His symptom improvement
    was likely related to the dissolution of clot (thrombus) and the
    development of collateral circulation (new vessel growth). I doubt that any
    of his cardiology colleagues at Cleveland Clinics would endorse this course
    of treatment.

    Dr.Esselstyn has demonstrated through his prior study that it is possible
    to attain remarkable improvements in cholesterol levels through a very
    rigid dietary manipulation. When he carried out the study it is important
    to recall that no potent cholesterol lowering agents were available and
    angioplasty was still in its infancy. Many people were treated without
    intervention (surgery or angioplasty) during that time period. The size of
    his trial was not large enough to support the claim that dietary
    intervention can guarantee 100% freedom from coronary disease. By today’s
    standards his study was anecdotal.

    Dr. Esselstyn is a very compassionate physician and a convincing speaker. I
    am sure he would agree that the best means to resolving this issue would be
    a trial comparing dietary intervention versus standard of care (liberal
    revascularization (angioplasty or CABG, lipid lowering drugs and other
    standard secondary prevention) in a randomized trial with Contemporary
    techniques for evaluation placque volume such those curently practiced at
    the Cleveland Clinic and other centers.

    1. See my comment above. I was thinking that the hospital took a very casual
      approach to his episode and sent him away when he was still in danger. If
      he was getting such severe symptoms upon leaving the hospital, he should
      have turned back. And then he continues biking after experiencing more
      angina. Not advisable! It takes away from the credibility of his story. A
      little angina while biking after being diagnosed with something not fully
      stated—no big deal, keep peddling after a brief rest! This man needs to be
      questioned. We need more information. I believe in Esselstyn, but
      individual cases like the one in this video are not totally convincing.
      Solid proof is needed to convince the naysayers, and even to put to rest my
      own doubts, even as a person who believes in the benefits of a plant based
      diet. When I tell people about Esselstyn they are not receptive. They would
      have a field day with this video. I want to spread the word, but I need
      convincing answers to skeptics questions!

    2. +tromboneJTS ——– If you get an angioplasty or a bypass and do not
      change your diet to a low salt, low fat, low sugar, whole plant based
      diet…then your arteries will just fill back up again with plaque.
      Angioplasty and bypasses are just a band aid to buy you a little bit more
      time. But if you keep on doing what you have been doing you will get again
      what you have been doing.

  5. Great job presenting your situation on the spot. I stopped eating meat
    about 3 months ago and so glad that I did. My father died of heart disease
    at the age of 53 when I was 11 yrs old. I didn’t want to go down that same
    road and think I’m on a much healthier course.

  6. I’m a total advocate of Dr. Esselstyn and his dietary recommendations, but
    is it advisable for a person riding on a very rigorous and intense bike
    path to continue biking after experiencing angina? The professor in the
    video described getting angina on his bike run, stopping briefly, and then
    continuing. Isn’t that dangerous and not advisable. Could that not have
    been the onset of a fatal heart attack! Also curious about the size of his
    blockage, how it was diagnosed—heart catheterization for example—and what
    other means, if any, were used to treat the original episode of chest pain
    that caused him to go to the hospital in the first place. We need more
    particulars to really prove that his condition was successfully treated and
    cured by Esselstyns diet. I believe in Esselstyn, but when I tell others
    about his studies and his recommendations they are very skeptical. They are
    unconvinced and need more hard proof! In individual cases like the man in
    this video, we need more information.

  7. Very awesome testimony of healing by this doctor who was very athletic.
    This is the very same reason why I went vegan because I was seeing a huge
    decrease on my performance and it was taking momentum and I was quickly
    beginning to feel symptoms. This is such great news.

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