Heart Disease

God Healed Benny Hinn’s Heart Disease full episode part 2 of 2

Watch this incredible video and believe for your miracle.Join the prayer which is at the end of this video…Believe in Jesus He will Heal you too!!…

God Healed Benny Hinn's Heart Disease full episode part 2 of 2

Watch this incredible video and believe for your miracle.Join the prayer which is at the end of this video...Believe in Jesus He will Heal you too!!...


  1. And March 2015 Benny Hinn has a heart attack!. The man is a charlatan.
    Really hope he repents of his greed, his ego, his affairs, his lies, his
    materialism and his assault on scripture before God before God says “enough
    is enough”. 

    1. +David Gowers Why do we have to be hateful? Nothing in my bible says to be
      hateful …. he originally had an arrhythmia…. in February 2016 he went
      to the hospital with an enlarged heart… which has been healed. God has
      done a great deal for this world by allowing God to use him… a 16 year
      old young lady chose to do God’s will by being a virgin and allowed for the
      prophecies to be fulfilled through her bloodline… Jesus is here with us
      and chooses to use men, women and children to carry on his messages. Just
      because you choose not to be believe in miracles or those that are called
      to help people does not mean it is not real… I believe it to be real now
      more than ever because of those that talk against it. Everyone has an
      opinion and I choose to believe God is using this man and others like him
      for healing and miracles… many of us know that the more people speak
      against a man, woman or child of God the more we back them in prayer. On
      christian talking badly about another is what cause churches to implode and
      people to leave the faith. Do not talk down a fellow Christian, pray for
      them and lift them up to God… if they are wrong they will be dealt
      with… but if you are wrong you will be. I try to not state things like
      this in public; however, when someone voices something in public this
      boldly then it needs to be dealt with there. My advice is to go and pray
      for this brother if you feel that he is so wrong instead of being hurtful
      in public. I am praying for all whether in the will of God or not. to be
      Biblically correct, we are to pray and go to that person in private and
      then if they do not repent.. then get help from others in the church to go
      to them. I.f they are a minister of your church then you can deal with them
      by demoting them. In this case, it is in God’s hands

    2. +Sharon Harris Everyone that believes that money is being pilfered from
      gullible people… please do not go there… we do not give it away out of
      ignorance… we give it for God’s work to be done which does cost money…
      Pastor Hinn’s job is to preach and let the Holy spirit take control however
      it happens which should not be condemned… if Pastor Hinn… is wrong God
      will deal with him in the end. Money being paid out can be used many
      ways… I work in a call center so… maybe I should not receive money for
      my time because people need the service… which after a while I would have
      to stop volunteering with not income I could not afford to eat live or go
      to work…. In the case of televangelism it takes money…. to travel to
      other countries it takes money… there are bills to pay… and everyone
      gets a salary. If you do not want to donate, please do not do it. If you do
      not love God enough to help with money time and effort then do not
      evangelize… because it makes people leave the churches. A person could be
      wrong in their own life but if they are under the anointing of God nothing
      on this earth will stop that ministry until God takes that person home to
      judge or to give a reward.

    3. +Sharon Harris Because they do not have the Holy Spirit, or the Spirit in
      the would testify of the Holy Spirits workings. It is really rather simple.

      God BLESS

    4. i love ad homs jc used ad homs against the pharisees i dont close off part
      of my mind just because phonies like you say i should why does the last
      chap of mark say we are authenticated as christians by healing i say he who
      doesnt heal aint real as for him going to the dr apparently he believes in
      drs i dont im a christian scientist as well as a pentecostal & an advaita
      hindu im a cherry picker as is your faith so be it unto you ive written
      hinn that he should learn cs for its healings are permanent its fine to get
      a pentecostal healing but that should be followed up by a cs healing

  2. God heals! people believe in GOD! satan comes to kill. now just because
    someone has an illness, does not mean theyre sinning. just watch Bennys
    life and don’t judge him and gossip. He travels all over the world. he
    really gave his entire life away to the gospel. God said: “Touch not my
    anointed and do my prophets no harm!” That says it all! If you want to
    trade places with him, go ahead. pack all your stuff, give it away. leave
    your family, job, pets, friends, and hop on the planes, spend days in
    foreign countries, eating whatever, standing for hours preaching and
    praying. Then each day get attacked by demons, humans, etc. get sued,
    ridiculed, mocked, and stand before a HOLY GOD singing! Everyone that is a
    Christian, should love each other! stop being jealous of what someone is
    blessed with! God does bless His children! Look in the Bible! gold, silver,
    cattle, land. Whats the difference today? I hope that all of you read this
    and understand the real love of God. He who has no sin, cast the first
    stone. We are bringing the world the wrong messages here. bringing our
    brother down because of rumors. That’s satan! repent and turn away from all
    this garbage. Ask God to forgive you for your part in this. Then go to your
    brother privately and tell him your ideas of him. He has the chance then to
    reply. See with your own eyes his life. walk in his shoes. go where he goes
    and do what he does. After a week, you will know the truth of what it takes
    to be Benny. Amen+

    1. +marleneloves1 . There’s so much error in your comments regarding Hinn I
      hardly know where to begin, so I’ll deal with a few of your comments as
      methodically as possible. Constraints of time prevent me from responding to
      them all but I’d be happy to do so later. I’ll quote your words directly
      using ” … “:
      1. “If someone has an illness, it doesn’t mean they are sinning.” Yes I
      totally agree. Unfortunately Hinn’s theology says the complete opposite of
      what you say. He believes all should be healed and the only reason someone
      isn’t healed is through sin in their life and/or lack of faith. (I can give
      you direct quotes from Hinn himself should you require it.) I guess he
      doesn’t have enough faith to get his eyesight healed or his heart problem
      2. “Watch Benny’s life and don’t judge.” Believe me, I have watched his
      life and that’s why I’ve came to my previous observations in line with
      scripture. He has lied frequently, practiced divorce, committed adultery
      with “Pastor” Paula White, given numerous false prophesies on camera,
      exhibited greed, taught heretical teaching, practiced the biblical
      abomination of necromancy at the grave of Kathleen Khulman etc. All of
      which disqualify him as a pastor and as a true convert.
      3. “He travels all over the world and gave his entire life to the Gospel.”
      He travelled all over the world in a multi million dollar Gulf stream
      private Jet. He did not “give his entire life away”. He gained a net worth
      of over $42 million (IRS confirmed), lives in a multi million mansion/s,
      drives a Bentley, private Gulf Stream Jet, owns art works etc. (Not quite
      the lifestyle of Jesus or any of the apostles or disciples!)
      4. “Touch not my annointed and do my prophets no harm.” Hinn is not
      annointed and certainly not a prophet, other than a false prophet as
      defined by God’s word. False teachers/prophets despise having their lives
      and character scrutinized , and frequently use this verse as a means of
      avoiding scrutiny. True men of God actually welcome openness as they have
      nothing to hide.
      5. “If you want to trade places with him, go ahead” You then tell me to
      travel to foreign countries, leave family, preach the Gospel etc. Well I
      did exactly that! I went to Latin America for several years without
      returning home. Mind you, I didn’t do it Benny style. I didn’t go for a few
      days in a private Jet, didn’t ask anyone for money, didn’t stay in a fancy
      5* hotel. May God forgive me if I had!
      6. “Stop being jealous”. Seriously? Do you really think I would ever trade
      places with Benny Hinn and have God’s judgement and condemnation upon me as
      it is on Hinn? I both love and fear God too much for that. What does it
      profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul?
      7. I am allegedly “bringing a brother down because of rumours.” Frankly I
      do not consider this man to be a brother, a pastor, a healer, a teacher, a
      prophet or a truly born again repentant believer. I believe there’s a sound
      biblical basis for stating this. I do pray, however, that Benny Hinn
      repents before God so that he too might see the kingdom. As it is at the
      moment, he stands condemned according to the criteria of scripture. * Let
      me reiterate that I am happy to supply you with direct, verifiable quotes
      and videos by Hinn himself confirming all of the above statements.
      Therefore they are not rumours but based on verifiable information which is
      as accessible to you as it is to me. Unfortunately it seems you prefer to
      look the other way. Blessed👍

    2. +David Gowers no, I just do not judge, because the Word tells us not to.
      A lot of people look at only the bad about everyone. His family life is not
      my business. his financial status is not my business. You see, I have to
      work out my own salvation with fear and trembling. When Jesus-Yahshua
      returns He will judge us all. Who do you believe supplies our needs? Who do
      you believe supplied his airplane so he could travel easily with all his
      crew? Certainly not satan, because he doesn’t want souls saved and healed.
      I was at 1 of his services and the HOLY SPIRIT’S presence was so strong, I
      was almost flying. God uses a vessel that’s available. He returned back to
      his family, which wasn’t his doing, it was a sickness that satan put on his
      wife. He dated when he was divorced, how many Christians are remarried?
      Please understand, I do not like debates. That’s not my thing. You have to
      do your part. Pray for him but don’t hold the negative beliefs when you do.
      Otherwise why pray? Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
      also we are to tithe and give. He is doing what He learned works. teaching
      people to sow. If you don’t want to sow, that’s your own choice. I READ
      MAL. 3. I read PROVE ME, see if I won’t open unto you the windows of Heaven
      and pour you out such a blessing that you can’t contain. When He asks
      people to sow seeds, it is sowing into their own lives. So lets just allow
      the Holy Spirit to train him up, convict him anywhere he is out of His
      will, and look deeply into our own hearts and ask, Where am I out of Your
      will Father? I don’t follow man, just so you know. I see miracles everyday
      because the HOLY SPIRIT is here! blessings to you, and I will see you at
      the Golden Gates! That’s the day we are aiming for. Be about MY FATHER’S

    3. +marleneloves1 God bless you dear on that gift.people always have negative
      thinking capacity, that is y even Jesus on His journey many refused to
      trust Him till today.this will happened to all of us who accept Jesus as we
      should focus on it till we see His glory like Stephan in Act 7: 55

    4. +marleneloves1 He and his wife reconciled and are together today. Everyone
      one has family issues… Benny Hinn was on the road for months out of the
      year and it took a toll on he and his family…. it happens to millions and
      some never recover. God bless this man… as long as he is acting in God’s
      will he is fine. God is his judge and if Benny is doing anything wrong then
      God will deal with him. Job did nothing wrong and was condemned… so, this
      is not the first time a man of God has been talked against.

  3. Examine Yourself Before You Judge and Condemn Other! We All Have Work Daily
    At Resistance of Temptation and Life in General. We Should Just (Pray For
    Eachother)! Because, We Have Our Own Challenges. It’s Just A Suggestion.
    God Is An Orderly God. And Jesus Would Just Pray For Us!

  4. OMG! I thought I Lost this video (Forever)! My Tapes Were Stolen! Will if
    You’re Going Too Steal, I Guess It’s Best You Try To Steal The Power Of
    God! Yeah, That Works! rolling eyes!

  5. I think people Misunderstand God’s Shepherd’s, they Are (Not)! GOD! Many
    look to Man to Heal, Save and Deliver Them. When Actually (God Does It)!
    Look For GOD in Men, but know He/ She (Is Not God)! God’s Spirit Dwells
    Within and Only He Can Set You Free!

  6. OMG! I thought I Lost this video (Forever)! My Tapes Were Stolen! Will if
    You’re Going Too Steal, I Guess It’s Best You Try To Steal The Power Of
    God! Yeah, That Works! rolling eyes! sarcasm.

  7. darling mr rodomontade

    go to india & tell them that
    they believe that jc was fully god not half god as christians believe
    i can tell youre a very charitable guy
    dont change

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