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Insane 2 Year Transformation! – Street Workout

Insane 2 Year Transformation! - Street Workout

This is my 2.5 year Street Workout journey.
Left Pic of (16th of november 2013) was taken exactly 1 week before i worked out for the first time in my life 🙂
Before Street Workout i did Parkour and played Badminton for a couple of Years 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.Do you Workout everyday?
-Yes i do
2.Isnt it 3 Years?
-No, i workout for 2,5 Years but before the first clip in this video ive been working out for 6 months, so all the clips in the video are inbetween 2 years
-Im not a bodybuilder, i dont train towards having muscle or looking ripped. I want to learn skills like the front lever or the planche, the muscle i have came while i worked on skills. My legs arent big, and i dont need big legs. I can do backflips, i can run, i can sprint, i can do all kinds of stuff with my legs and im totally happy with them.
4.Do you have a specific diet?
-No, i have never had a diet. I eat what i want as much as i want.
5.Do you take supplements and protein?
-No, i have never taken supplements or protein and i never will.
6.Did you use weigths?
-No, calisthenics should be done completely without weigths in my opinion
7.Whats your heigth and weigth?
-Heigth is 180cm, weigth is 77Kg

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My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pilousworkout/

Intro: Ganju - Why
Impossible Dip/Front Lever: Foria - Break Away
Muscle Ups: Detrace - Waterfront (ft. Skyloud)

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