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KLM Surf – Destination Portugal (extended version 4K)

KLM Surf - Destination Portugal (extended version 4K)

Take your surf gear along instead of a suitcase on all direct operating KLM flights. Discover great surf destinations around the globe: http://klmf.ly/1OskcW8

Bring your surf gear on board instead of a suitcase & save costs!

What is in it for me?
When going on a surf trip, you will spend most time on chasing waves. Now you can choose your surf gear instead of a suitcase on all KLM operated direct flights – and by this make considerable cost savings!

When taking your surf gear instead of a suitcase on an intercontinental flight, you can bring both your hand luggage and surf gear for free! If you still want to bring a suitcase, you will only have to pay for the suitcase.

Portugal’s capital Lisbon is one of the most soulful places in the world characterized by a vibrant culture and historical treasures. Discover the pitoresque city being surrounded by breathtaking beaches and stunning cliffs inviting you to catch the waves.

Production Company: Matemade

Directed by: Rakhal Heijtel, Ruurd Vulink, Yannick de Jager
Director of Photography/Edit: Rakhal Heijtel, Ruurd Vulink
Music: Jorrit Kleijnen & Marijn van der Meer

Special thanks to:
Marlon Lipke

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