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Oxford Circus Diagonal Crossing, Atkins

Oxford Circus Diagonal Crossing, Atkins




Oxford Circus, one of London's most high profile retail and visitor attractions, is also one of its most congested places, with over 43,000 pedestrians and 2,000 vehicles passing through every hour. Atkins was appointed by the Crown Estate to improve pedestrian
movement and the quality of the public realm. This involved the introduction of the UK's first large scale, diagonal crossing and a radical increase in the amount of footway space, by clearing clutter and narrowing the carriageway.

To test such an innovative approach Atkins' transport planning team and our and Intelligent Space pedestrian modellers initially developed computer models including 2D real time simulations for vehicles (VISSIM) and pedestrians (LEGION). The urban design team combined this data and prepared a 3D animated, photo-realistic
environment (3D Studio Max model) with specialists Design Hive, which was used for stakeholder and public consultation.

A seven month programme of site operations had to coordinate with London Underground improvements, maintain safe and convenient retail operations, street clutter clearance and utilities works, as well as implement improvements including granite paving, lighting mounted on buildings and wayfinding.

The completed project had drawn significant public and professional support and Oxford Circus is again a place to visit for its change in character both by day and by night.
The movement of traffic appears to work as predicted with a dramatic reduction in pedestrian congestion.

Video by Design Hive

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