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Real World Tactical Workout | Who’s the Fittest : CrossFit vs. Strongman vs. Powerlifter

Real World Tactical Workout | Who's the Fittest : CrossFit vs. Strongman vs. Powerlifter

Tony Sentmanat AKA "Real World Tactical" puts our guys through one of the most grueling training sessions ever seen at The Super Training Gym. It's a battle royale to find out who's the fittest! So watch to see whether Strongman Alan Thrall, Crossfitter Ben Alderman & Body Builder/Powerlifter Nsima Inyang will come out on top! Tony starts the guys out easy with explosive frog jumps & bear crawls, then moves on to weighted burpees, sled sprints & box jumps, fireman carries & overhead dumbbell lunges, hackbar deadlifts while pulling a sled, tire flips, and lastly finish off with some dumbbell snatches & burpees.

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