Most of the people today are drinking carbonated drinks on a daily basis and they don’t know how bad for their health these drinks are.


These drinks have many negative side effects for your body. Here is how they affect your body:

First 10 Minutes

Only 1 glass of carbonated drink includes 10 tablespoons of sugar, which is 100% more than the minimum recommended daily dose. Your body ingest the phosphoric acid which gives the taste to drinks.

After 20 Minutes

The levels of glucose and insulin in your body are increased significantly, which results with transformation of the sugars into fats in the liver.

After 40 Minutes

Now the caffeine is completely absorbed by the organism. The blood flow increases and the liver releases more sugar into the blood. The brain blocks the receptors for the hormone adenosine, which suppresses the feeling of tiredness.

After 45 Minutes

The production of dopamine is raised. This hormone has the similar effect as heroine.

After 50 Minutes

Calcium, zinc, magnesium and phosphoric acid are necessary for good food digestion. But the high concentration of sugar and unnatural sweeteners disable the calcium secretion through the urine.

After 60 Minutes

The caffeine starts to work and all of the minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc which are vital for the bones are secreted through the urine.

After More Than an Hour

The sugars are now transported to every cell in your organism and you are now very energetic, which may cause rapid changes in your mood. Most of the water and nutrients from the organism are secreted through the urine. These drinks greatly increase the risk of diabetes.