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Viral Meningitis – The Hidden Impact

Viral Meningitis - The Hidden Impact

Video by Meningitis Now - formerly recognised as the Meningitis Trust.

Viral meningitis is more common than bacterial meningitis and, although rarely life-threatening, it can make people very unwell.

Many people who have experienced viral meningitis feel that they are dismissed as having the 'milder' form of meningitis and that very little is understood about the recovery and after-effects.

Key facts about viral meningitis

- Many thousands of cases occur each year, mostly affecting babies and toddlers.
- Although most people will make a full recovery, some are left with serious and debilitating meningitis after-effects.
- Viral meningitis after-effects can include headaches, exhaustion and memory loss.
- The recovery process from viral meningitis can be very slow, the majority of sufferers no longer experience after-effects 12 months after their illness.
- The symptoms of viral meningitis can be very similar to those of bacterial meningitis, so it is essential to seek urgent medical help if concerned.

Find out more on our website - www.meningitis-trust.org
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